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Founded in 2009 by Mr. Abdul Razzaq Yousef as founder and Dr. Ruwayda Dham as co-founder, Arwan Pharmaceutical Industries Lebanon s.a.l. is a joint stock company owned by a group of Lebanese and non Lebanese highly committed professionals. The company commenced operations in 2013 with its first sterile injectables manufacturing unit, comprising Phase I of the project with other phases to come in the near future.

Arwan develops, manufactures and markets critical care products, focusing on new generations anti-infectives, hematinics, anesthetics and analgesics, gastrointestinals, oncology, antiasthmatics, cardiovasculars, osteoporosis and wound management modalities.

To bridge time gaps and expedite our presence in the market, Arwan collaborates with leading European companies in contract manufacturing, producing for Arwan value-added anti-infectives, anesthetics, cardiovasculars, antipsychotics and antiasthmatics where EMEA and/or USA FDA approved facilities and operations reinforce further Arwan’s quest for quality.

Privileged by its presence in Lebanon, the heart of the MENA and the hub of expert healthcare professionls and high-reputation hospitals and medical centers, Arwan paved its way towards leadership in providing high-end critical care products not only in Lebanon, but also in neighboring countries where fast-track trust is influenced by the local professional experience.

Arwan markets extend beyond Lebanon to cover the 20 countries of MENA as well as Africa where the large Lebanese diaspora acts as a liaison in establishing businesses and forging partnership.

Committed to quality in providing cost-effective critical care products,
Arwan will always Assure Reliability When Absolutely Needed, whether by patients or healthcare institutions.